We support you in finding talented marketing specialists to strengthen your brand. Marketing professionals with various specializations, such as brand management, content creation, social media and more. Our professionals are motivated, passionate and experts in their field.
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The key to success

In an increasingly competitive market, marketing is critical to the success of any organization. Marketing helps bring your products or services to the attention of your target group, recruit new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Finding marketing professionals

We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right marketing candidates. That's why we help you select the best talent that meets your specific needs. Marketing talent that fits perfectly into your company culture.
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The benefits of working

Access to marketing professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience.
Market research into the needs, wishes and behavior of your target group.
Marketing strategies that differentiate your organization from competitors.
“We share a passion for marketing and work together to discover opportunities in the field that suit your organization. Our mission is to identify growth potential and lead you to success, creating win-win situations for organizations and marketing professionals alike.”
Sergio Bertijn
Head of Operations

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What marketing positions can you find professionals for?

At QGROUP, we can help you find professionals for a wide range of marketing roles. This includes roles such as Strategic Marketing Manager, Brand Strategist, Data Analyst, Insights Specialist, SEO Expert and Content Marketing Specialist. Our extensive network includes both traditional and digital marketing domains, allowing us to identify the ideal candidate for each specific marketing position. With our expertise, we are ready to strengthen your organization, regardless of the specific marketing challenge you face.

What role do marketing professionals play in the growth of a company?

Marketing professionals play a key role in strengthening a brand. They analyze consumer behavior, develop effective strategies, and raise brand awareness to attract new customers. The right marketing professional can make a strategy exponentially more valuable. At QGROUP, we recognize the importance of these professionals and ensure that we always introduce the most qualified talents to organizations so that they can grow.

Can you provide professionals who specialize in both traditional and digital marketing?

Absolutely. We can provide professionals who have experience with both traditional and digital marketing. Our continuous focus on the latest trends and developments ensures that the marketers we provide are not only skilled in the tried and tested, traditional methods, but also master the latest digital strategies. This allows them to seamlessly respond to the unique needs of each marketing project, whether it's traditional or digital.