Are you looking for a new challenge, but don't want to be stuck with traditional employment or the uncertainties of freelancing? Then consider fairshare. We believe in the balance between freedom and security, and offer flexibility with a fixed monthly income.

Balancing freedom and stability

Fairshare is about the ideal balance between freedom and security. Professionals who opt for this receive a fixed income, while experiencing the benefits of flexible work, diverse projects and independence. This unique combination of entrepreneurship and stability is the best formula for a worthwhile career.

A bonus for everyone
worked hour

Our exclusive bonus models offer you the opportunity to earn a fixed monthly income with a bonus for each hour worked. With ratios like 80/20, 70/30, and 60/40, you have the chance to earn more than an average freelancer.

Our recruitment & selection process


Send us your resume and you will receive a response within 2 business days.


An introductory meeting with a consultant to discuss your needs and wishes.


The consultant will prepare an introduction email with a summary of your work experience, availability, salary indication, etc.


We will look for interim jobs that suit you.


The consultant sends the introduction email to the organization where you want to apply.


The consultant prepares you for the job interview with the client.
“I've had very positive experiences with QGROUP. They helped me quickly and expertly find a new and very challenging assignment within the KYC domain. The team left a positive impression on me.”
Rens van der Eng
Quality Assurance Analyst
MAY 17, 2023

The benefits of

Security of a fixed income with the dynamism and freedom of freelancing.
We have a tailor-made model that fits your needs exactly.
We are experts in Fairshare and are ready to guide and support you.

Read our FAQ for more information

How does Fairshare differ from secondment and freelance structures?

Fairshare is an innovative approach that combines the stability of a permanent job with the flexibility of freelancing. You will enjoy a guaranteed monthly salary, but you will also receive additional compensation based on your contribution to projects. When secondment, you will be placed by us with a company for a certain period of time, while, as a freelancer, you will conclude contracts with customers on an independent basis. Fairshare offers a nice balance between security and entrepreneurial freedom.

Can you explain more about Fairshare models such as 80/20, 70/30 and 60/40?

Absolutely. Our Fairshare models are designed to provide clarity in revenue distribution. For example, with the 80/20 model, you receive 80% of the revenue from a project, while the other 20% goes to our organization. This moves to 70/30 and 60/40 respectively, depending on the model chosen. As a result, you know exactly where you stand and there is transparency in our cooperation.

In which sectors is Fairshare mainly applicable?

Fairshare is widely applicable and very popular in sectors such as IT, financial, marketing and compliance. Thanks to this approach, companies can benefit from the expertise of professionals and the flexibility that the Fairshare structure offers.

How can I find new Fairshare orders through your services?

We have a wide network of clients and projects, so you can experience continuity in your work. In addition, we welcome it if you come across interesting assignments yourself and share them with us. Together, we'll make sure you work on projects that really suit you and that give you energy.

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